School Dinners

An introduction to ParentPay

ParentPay offers a complete income management solution for schools in the UK

What we do

Our flexible and secure web application allows parents to make online payments for all their child’s school items, including meals, trips, clubs and even uniform.

We are the UK market leader in online school payments providing services to 2 million parents and 7,000 schools across 200 local authorities.

Who we are

We are a privately owned software company and we conduct our own robust research about parents, schools and online payments.

We also provide advice to the Department of Education and other government agencies.

What makes us different

We created the market for school online payments when ParentPay was conceived by a working parent and ex-teacher who wanted to help her school make life easier for other parents.

Twelve years on we have remained customer focused, so every feature developed by ParentPay has been driven by schools and parents.

With over one hundred experienced staff supporting our customers, we are the trusted partner for schools, local authorities and caterers.

What have we achieved for schools and parents

ParentPay has removed cash from more schools than anyone else, making them safer places for both staff and pupils.

We were the first proven totally inclusive school payment solution, working with PayPoint, we support families who do not have access to debit, credit or banking facilities.


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