A brief history of Devoran School

The original Devoran School was built in 1846 by the National Society for the Education of the Established Church at a cost of £310. This included a Government grant of £65.

In those days the school had only one classroom (measuring approximately 10m x 5m x 3m high) with 111 children aged from 2-11 packed into it, the infants up one end and the rest down the other with two teachers! These were the headmaster and an assistant mistress.

The children paid to go to school and the fees were called 'school pence'.

The old school building was improved and expanded many times over the following 100 years and the original school bell is still in place, but no longer used.

In 2007 the new Devoran School building was finished and is currently occupied by around 200 children who are split between 7 classes.