Phonics, Reading, Spelling and Writing

Phonics and Reading

Throughout Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2 the children learning to segment and blend sounds and words through Ruth Miskin’s synthetic phonics programme Read Write Inc. Each morning the children will attend their Read Write Inc. sessions with their RWI teacher, developing their knowledge of phonics to learn to read and write about a variety of engaging topics. We will be working on different target sounds each week enabling the children to blend and segment when they read.

Pronunciation Guide:


In KS2, children follow a daily literacy and language personalised programme with links to the wider curriculum which equips them with the skills to read and understand texts confidently, write fluently, think critically and articulate thoughts and ideas clearly.

From Year 2 onwards, children participate in guided reading with a focus on:

Read - decode

Retrieve – retrieve information

Explore – different authors, their language and viewpoint

Analyse – structure and organisation

Deduce – make logical conclusions from information given in the text and inferring by having the ability to go beyond the information provided in the text



Spellings will link to the Read Write Inc program where the children will learn and practice different sounds and words from their weekly focus book, culminating in a weekly spelling test. We also use the Spelling Pathways programme to ensure rapid progress for all children across the school.



As part of our Read Write Inc program, the children will have the opportunity to extend their ability to write and edit sentences and short texts. The children will have writing sessions everyday linked to our theme learning and Science topics, where they will orally rehearse and develop their ideas and write from a range of stimulus such as: poetry, information texts, instructions and storytelling linked to our topics other areas of the curriculum. Once a week we also have a ‘sustained writing’ session where children have an extended period of time to write independently. We also teach handwriting a minimum of three times a week in order to develop children’s fine motor skills and cursive script to aid writing fluency.

Within class in all years, teachers also plan exciting writing tasks into their curriculum topic which engage the children and provide opportunities for them to practise the key skills pertinent to their year group.