Ethos, Values and Equality Objectives

Devoran School’s Vision, Mission, Aims, Values and Equality Objectives

Our Vision

Together we achieve a vibrant, safe yet challenging community which promotes independent learning and the ability to explore our potential as active citizens of the future.


Our Mission

To bring the world to our children, which will in turn prepare them to go into the world.

To provide exciting and stimulating experiences which will inspire an ethos of enquiry and creativity.


Our Aims

Our school aims to unlock the treasure within each child and provide a valued education which gives each child equal opportunity to develop:

  • Qualities of spirit, feeling and imagination, and a sense of beauty;
  • The ability to work hard and to succeed at tasks, to work independently and with other people, and to have an appreciation of human endeavour;
  • Positive relationships and an awareness of, and a sensitivity to, the needs of others;
  • Self-esteem and self-confidence within school and the wider community;
  • A thirst for knowledge, open mindedness and individual talent within a broad curriculum;
  • A reasoned set of personal attitudes, values and beliefs and a respect for the religious and moral value of others.


Our Values

  • We value a love of learning in our children and a ‘learning for all’ culture within our school community.
  • We value children learning about their own learning.
  • We prioritise healthy self-esteem, together with independence and high expectations.
  • We foster a ‘can do’ culture where children recognise that it is okay to find things difficult.
  • We value children knowing that persevering is necessary to learn.
  • We value and encourage reflective thinking, which enables our children to appreciate all that is rich and diverse in the world.
  • We promote open honest relationships within the school community.
  • We use our outstanding environment to nurture creativity, awareness and respect.
  • We create opportunities for children to develop their ability to question, to debate rationally and to think for themselves– enabling them to make healthy informed choices.

Equality Objectives 2018/19:

  • To close the gap between the number of Non-Pupil Premium pupils and Pupil Premium pupils reaching Greater Depth in Maths, Reading and Writing at the end of KS2.
  • To narrow the gap between the attainment of girls and boys in maths at the end of KS2
  • To promote cultural development and understanding through a rich range of experiences, both in and beyond the school
  • To review the monitoring processes with attendance and punctuality with students and staff
  • To begin the process of becoming a “Rights Respecting School”.