Parent Forum

Dear Parents/ Carers


I would like to invite parents to express their interest, through the school office, in being part of a parent forum. The parent forum will meet with me once a half term to express any concerns or comments (both positive and negative) you may have or on behalf of the parent body that you feel needs to be brought to the schools attention. We are all part of the same team and we all have the same goals; we need to work together.


This forum is a pro-active group to support the school in its drive for improvement.

The Parents’ Forum meets each half term to look at general issues, suggestions and ideas of how we might make further improvements to the school and its community.


The role of the Parents’ Forum Reps


  1. To be an interface between parents and school;

Request suggestions from other class parents for agenda items;

Raise issues which effect more than one child and represent a consensus view of the year group;

Attend meetings each half term and represent your class views

Feedback the outcomes of meetings to parents


  1. Be a contact for and welcome new parents to the school community;

Make contact with new parents as they join the school and make them feel welcome, especially at school events;

Give advice and information to new parents.


If you would like to get in contact with the Parent Forum please e-mail: