Breakfast Club

Mrs Esther Hosken

Miss Tamar Slattery

Breakfast Club is the perfect way for children to start their day.

We encourage the children to eat a healthy balanced breakfast. A choice of cereal is available along with fruit and yoghurt. A variety of bread and pastry products are now provided by Baker Tom with butter and jam. The children serve themselves buffet style but supervised from a distance to make sure each has eaten enough to get them through the morning.

We provide a relaxed, formal environment in which children from all age group enjoy being together. they can chat, read, knit, carry out art projects and play games or they can be more active, taking part in team games, relays and rounders... blowing bubbles, skipping or drawing with chalks outside.

Our aim is to provide the children with the best possible start to their school day. Physically and mentally children leave Breakfast Club equipped to embrace their exciting day ahead of them.

Times and Costs: Pre-booking is not necessary
8:00am £2.50 (including breakfast)
8:00am £1.50 (breakfast not provided)
8:20am £1:50 (including breakfast
8:20am 75p (breakfast not provided)