Vedic Squares, Symmetry and Teddy Bears.

on Sunday, 20 January 2013. Posted in Year 6

Vedic Squares, Symmetry and Teddy Bears.


Vedic Squares


On Monday, Mrs Sheila Trevena spent the afternoon with the class creating patterns using Vedic squares. Mrs Trevena is a maths teacher from Penair school and this work is part of the liaison activities which the secondary school offers to the primary feeders. The children really enjoyed the afternoon and discovered and created a wonderful selection of patterns using the Vedic square.




Teady Bears

We still have some places left in cookery club if there is anyone who would like to join us on Thursday afternoons. We had great fun this week creating some tasty teady bears.




This half term ourwork in gymnastics is based around symmetry. The children worked in pairs creating shapes and balances which demonstrated lines of symmetry. Can you spot where the lines of symmetry would go? Once the children had created their shape they had to consider the quality of their pose. Look for those children who demonstrate tension, extension and straight lines.